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A VQA Wine Manifesto

The problem with history, is that it’s in the past.
What comes next is much more interesting.
At least to us.

VQA Wines of Ontario isn’t just a stamp on a bottle.
It’s an experience.
It’s not just about great wine.
It’s about being different.
Embracing different.
Standing out.

And standing up. For who we are.
If they think we’re crazy for making wine?
We’ll show them crazy.

VQA wines from Ontario are making what’s next in wine.
So if that means breaking rules,
defying conventions, expectations,
being bold, fresh, creative,
forging our own style...
Then that’s what we’ll do.
We’ll do us.

We all know where wine comes from.

So let’s see where it’s going.

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“One of the most astonishing wine regions in the world.”